Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Need To Accessorize...

Sizzix Texture Boutique Embossing Machine

I have to say, I have been waiting to buy one of these little accessories.  I love the look of the dry embossed texture on cards and scrapbook pages.  I decided on this one because it only embosses and I didn't need anything that cuts as I have the cricut, which I love.  I also love the look of this little machine, I mean it's a true papercrafters accessory since it's made to look like a classy little modern purse.  Who wouldn't want this!  Love it already!!!
Below are some of the textures I tried as soon as I unwrapped it... I bought a few folders (plastic envelopes that add the texture to the paper) and I have already made a list of more I would love.  Best case would be if CTMH decided to create folders with matching stamps... that would be the perfect world... 

Sizzix  with sanding on embossed texture!
Sizzix  with sanding on embossed texture!
Sizzix with ink swiped on embossed texture on one side and sanding on the other!!!
Sizzix with sanding on left, light color ink in the middle and black in swiped on the right to show the different textures that can be made just by changing up what you do with the final embossed pattern.
I want to show the close up of this one because it came out so cool.  This is actually a very vintage look, as the folder is Tim Holtz.  I swiped Black Ink across the embossed pattern.  I love how this came out.

Now on to the CRIMPER... 

This was the other tool I was waiting to get... I kept thinking I didn't need it, and since I had a 40% off coupon, I decided to get it and boy am I glad I did.  The photo below shows simply what it does, but I have already used it on cards and scrapbook layouts.  It makes a great tool for taking a small strip of paper and making it look like a textured piece of ribbon.  Stop back at the beginning of October to follow our Blog Hop and you will see just how cool this tool is.

Seriously the easiest thing ever... just feed the paper in and turn the crank and you have instant texture.  If you don't already have this tool, it's a must have!  

I can't decide which is my favorite new accessory, I may have to go with the Sizzix, simply because it's adorable and the crimper just looks like a tool!  I welcome your comments about your own favorite tools/accessories... 

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