Thursday, March 27, 2014

Discover the Art of the Business in APRIL!!!

Join Close To My Heart as an Independent Consultant April 1–30, 2014, and receive your favorite "art-full" Close To My Heart Cricut® collection FREE! Our New Consultant Kit is just $99 and comes packed with nearly triple the retail value in products and supplies to help you succeed. Plus, when you qualify for the Straight To The Top program, you will be refunded the price of your New Consultant Kit. Select your FREE Cricut® collection—retail priced at $99—when you order your New Consultant Kit and watch your new business soar!

What a great opportunity to start your business with fantastic savings!  

An AWESOME Starter Kit... Just $99 (valued at over $300)

FREE Cricut Collection of your choice... Retail Value is $99

BONUS Paper Pack of your choice... Retail Value is $9.95

What makes this opportunity even sweeter??  
  • If you reach $1200 in your first 3 months, you will get reimbursed for the cost of your kit, minus shipping.  It sounds like a lot, but I hit $1200 by month 2 and I know you can too!!
  • You will be joining a great team of very crafty consultants that offer each other unlimited friendship and support!  
  • You will have access to online training, marketing, business support 24/7
  • You will have the opportunity to reach others that share your passion for creating and celebrating memories.  
  • All this and you get commission on sales, free product based on those sales, advance access to new product, the opportunity to qualify for contests/trips, etc... 
  • I give you my word, I will do everything I can to help you get going.  I have some tried and true methods of reaching people and generating sales.
April is the month... the time is now!!!  I joined CTMH approximately 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier with my decision!  I have tried other Direct Sales companies in the past and had to spend a lot of time marketing my product with letters, newsletters, printing door prizes, forms, creating photos, etc... ALL of this is provided for you!  I can't even tell you how blessed I am to have developed so many new relationships with crafty people of all levels.  The CTMH products sell themselves.  I have people reach out to me!! 

Have further questions, give me a call at 315-278-8547 or email me at

Are you ready to sign up and get your business going... just click here and sign up, choose your FREE Cricut and wait patiently it to come in the mail!  Don't forget to email me with your choice of Paper Pack!!! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Valentine's Day Card Workshop

Sunday, February 2, 2014, Noon – 4:00pm
**Yes, it is Super Bowl Sunday, but you can come any time between Noon and 4pm**
Workshop is at my house unless otherwise notified (based on final number of attendees)

All crafters are welcome.  We will create mini 3x3 cards to hand out to classmates, coworkers, family & friends.  This is the perfect workshop for an adult to spend quality craft time with a child (Children under 10 must work with an adult).  All materials are pre-cut and ready to assemble. NOTE: 10 Cards should take approx 30-45 mins

When choosing your Custom Card Class, please note the following:
·         Cards shown are only a sample of the variety available
·         Many sentiments to choose from (Happy Valentine’s Day, U Rock, You’re Sweet, Be Mine, You’re The Bomb, Dog-Gone Adorable, You’re One Cool Cat, TO/FROM, and many… many… more)
·         Cards can be ordered with top or inside slit cut for Lollipop or with an envelope (Lollipop won’t fit)
·         All attendees MUST provide their own scissors/adhesive.  You may also bring Pop Dots/Glue Dots if you prefer to use them to dress up your cards a little more

PRICE: Only $5 for each 10 mini cards (limit 40 per person)
CHILDREN ONLY BONUS: 1 Free 4 x 4 Teacher Card included with min order of 20 Cards

Options are as follows: 
·         VARIETY: Cards will reflect number ordered and will be a variety of coordinating papers/trims.  An equal amount of boy/girl cards will be provided (as seen in all photos above plus others)

·         ALL BOY VARIETY: Cards will reflect number ordered and will be a variety of coordinating papers/trims, however they will only be suitable for a boy (see “cards for him” in photo)

·         ALL GIRL VARIETY: Cards will reflect number ordered and will be a variety of coordinating papers/trims, however they will only be suitable for a girl (see “cards for her” in photo)

·         ALL ONE PATTERN: If you see a specific pattern in the sample photo, you may order all cards in that pattern (Remember you will choose the sentiments for inside and outside the card so this is perfect if you prefer a certain pattern, but like a variety of sentiments to make them different).

When you RSVP, please let me know the following:
___ Adult only
___ Child under 10 (MUST work with Adult)
___ Child over 10 (working alone)
___ Child over 10 (working with adult)

___ Total Number of Cards (Specify desired Option for each 10 or entire order)
___ Cards with slit cut for Lollipop inside (card will open side to side)
___ Cards with slit cut for Lollipop on top (card will open from bottom to top)
___ Cards with envelopes instead of slit for Lollipop

Please email me at to RSVP or if you have further questions!  Feel free to provide as much information as possible regarding choices when you RSVP.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Love is when a puppy licks your face... even after you left him alone all day"

Truer words have never been spoken.  The only thing better than coming home to an excited puppy... is coming home to two excited puppies.  It doesn't matter how bad your day is, or how upset you are when you walk in the door... when you are met with little wagging tails, and covered in puppy kisses... the stress of your day just disappears.

We made the decision last December to add a puppy to our household.  When we made the trip to meet our potential new family member, we did not anticipate what we would find waiting for us.  Here are the little furbabies we went to meet...

The little boy, formerly known as Toby, chose me from the moment we walked in the door.  It was a mutual love at first sight.  I knew the puppy I wanted and there was no way I was leaving him there.  His sister, formerly known as Marbles, was so sweet, but a little shy.  She parked herself at Brian's feet.  I knew at this time we had a problem.  When Brian asked what I was thinking, I didn't hesitate to say that I had to have the little boy.  Then I thought I should ask what he was thinking (more out of courtesy as my mind was made up).  He responded with, "you are not going to like what I am thinking"... OH BOY... here we go, we are about to battle because he wants the little girl... playing along I ask why I am not going to like what he is thinking... his response... "I think we should take both"... now I admit for a minute I was scared.  We planned on one puppy.  Two seemed overwhelming.  It's like having a sono and seeing twins.  This had to sink in... for all of 2 minutes, then I reluctantly and excitedly agreed.  The pic above is from their first night home... that night we met them... we were not leaving them one more day!  We did rename them... Bella and Buddy seemed to fit just perfectly as Buddy is just that... he follows you around, never leaving your side... and Bella is just a little girly princess. 

Well it's been 10 months and they are now just over a year old.  They are as sweet as can be.  They didn't take any time to settle in to their new home, and they wasted no time taking over!  They are a little spoiled I admit it, but it's very hard not to spoil these adorable little bundles of love.  I mean just look at them.  They just love life and they make you realize the good in life. 

This is Bella at a year old.  She is as sweet as can be.  She leaves no spot on your face without a wet spot from kisses...  I am convinced she thinks her name is Belly not Bella as a simple glance her way and she rolls over to expose her little belly for a nice little belly rub.  She is the defiant one... and does not always like to listen, but in the end she will do anything she is told for her favorite treat.

This is little man Buddy at a year old.  He is my baby.  I don't play favorites, but he has favored me from day one.  He goes from his bed in the morning to my lap for a quick nap while I have coffee before work.  He's my little snuggle buddy.  He loves to play fetch and the only time he shows any anger is when Bella takes his favorite toys!  

Looking back at the sleepless nights, the potty training, the vet bills and the "Bad Puppy" moments like the one below... (all times 2)... I wouldn't change a thing!  They don't care if I am gone all day, a few days or if I walk out to my car and return 2 minutes later... every time I return, I am met with excited little faces and tons of puppy kisses!  There really is no better feeling!

"Those that say you can't buy happiness, apparently never purchased a puppy... or two!"

Sunday, September 29, 2013

September Swaps - So much fun!!!

I had a very trying week at my full time job.  Thankfully I signed up to do two swaps which forced my hand at creativity and in return provided a nice peaceful activity to combat my stress.  I hope you enjoy the items I made, I will post pics of the items I received soon!

First up is the card I made for the Consultant Stamp Camp I attended Saturday.  A full day of creativity with a fantastic bunch of ladies.  It was just what the doctor ordered... really, I work with a bunch of doctors and they told me to do something I really enjoy this weekend... so I did!


I made this Frosted Happy Holidays Card and have provided the recipe below:
X1410 Colonial White Card 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"
X71758 Frosted Paper Packet (blue/cream snowflakes paper used-first pattern in packet)
1272 Cranberry Cardstock
Z2116 Crankberry Ink
Z2173 Slate Ink
Z2419 Cranberry Marker
Z1751 Cranberry Baker's Twine
Z1752 Sparkles Clear Assortment

Stamps Used:
B1412 Perfect Fit Holiday (see Circle Punch Below)
B1424 Classy Doily (see Cricut Cut below)

Z1790 Artist Cricut Collection (pg 56, Accent 1 H @ 3 1/2" - Doily
Z1686 Art Philosophy Collection (pg 31 @ 2" -Scallop Circle

Z1311 1 1/4" Circle Punch (Small Circle for Perfect Fit Holiday Stamp)


This next little piece of art was a lot of fun.  I have never made an Artist Trading Card, I didn't even know what it was.  I admit I had to google it to see.  One of my fellow CTMH Consultants posted this swap and I thought it would be fun to try something I have not done before.

This is what I learned while doing my first ATC (Artist Trading Card)...

  • Anything goes - this allows you to just create freehand and see what happens.  Fun Fun Fun!
  • It is not as easy as you would think to make all that art fit on a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" piece of paper!  That was probably the toughest part about creating this card!
  • You actually sign the back with your information and the theme of the card. Pretty cool!
I decided to take pics of the process and the creative steps that led me to this cute little card so you can follow along on the creation of my very first ATC.

Stamp Set Used: Petit Perks - A Touch Of Fall
(Note: Consultant Stamp Only - if you want one, contact me to find out how you can get one)

   Step 1: I cut a piece of Colonial White Carstock just under 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", to fit on the actual size piece of Goldrush Cardstock I cut as the base of the card and sponged the background to add some Fall color.  I sponged the blank piece of paper using a piece of sponge and Cashmere Ink (first pic), followed by Goldrush Ink on another piece of sponge.


Step 2: I chose the acorn from the stamp set to use with Cashmere Ink to add a pattern to the sponged background.  I stamped the acorn in random patterns.  I made 9 of these and each one is unique! 

Step 3: I added a small piece of Burlap Ribbon... nothing says Fall/Autumn like natural Burlap!  I adhered it with Liquid Glass to make sure it stays in place.


Step 4: I added some Bronze Shimmer Trim at the top.  I wanted to create a nice base that would show behind the title once I added it.  I cut the strips in half as I only wanted a small accent.

Step 5: I dug into my stash of stamps knowing I wanted to use the small Autumn words from last year's Stamp Of The Month Fall Favorite!!!  I love this stamp set, too bad it's retired!  It was perfect for this tiny card front. 


Step 6: I added some Sparkles - Brown and Tan Assortment so I could make the words look like little bullet points.  

Step 7: I stamped the word "fall" in Cocoa Ink onto Goldrush Cardstock and cut it out to make the title.  Again, this retired Stamp Of The Month was perfect as the title fit perfectly on this little card.


Step 8: I took the remaining stamps from the Petit Perks and used each image with a different color of Pigment Ink from the Whimsy Collection.  I used Sweet Leaf for the green leaf, Creme Brulee for the Wheat/Corn, and Sorbet for the Pumpkin!  I combined the Pigment Ink with the Clear Detail Embossing Powder  and heated it with a heat gun.  You can't tell very well, but there is a glossy effect to these pieces.

Step 9: I adhered the top card I created to the piece of Goldrush Cardstock, added my Artist Trading Card information to the back and it's all done!  I hope you enjoyed following this little gem from plain paper to work of art!